Premium Magento Themes & Magento Go Themes

Wizardthemes provides Premium Magento themes and Magento Go themes with unique design and unmatchable flexibility. Get our themes either with individual theme purchase or a yearly membership theme club.

$199 Membership
  • PSD to Magento

    We convert your PSD to Magento. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss about your project.

  • Magento and Magento Go Customization

    We are now providing small tweaks and customization for your stores.

  • PSD to Magento Go

    Being a design partner of Magento Go, we now offer PSD to Magento Go conversion of your design.

  • PSD to Wordpress

    We are happy to announce that we now provide PSD to WP services as well.

Responsive Themes

Wizardthemes now provides awesome Responsive Magento Go Themes & Magento Themes.

Our responsive themes will provide a high level of user friendly experience, easy reading and navigation with an adaptive feature to respond to a wide range of device screens like computer, tablets and smart phones.

Responsive themes re-organize themselves automatically according to screen size and orientation. Big screen devices show the original version of website with videos, large images and animations on the interface. Tablets and smartphones show the same website with different approach. A simplified website with ease of browsing and navigation on those devices.

Your visitors and customers may access your stores with different devices and our responsive themes will provide them a much easier way to browse through your store on any kind of devices they use.

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